D365 Business Central Bootcamp (16. – 17. 04. 2021)

UPDATE 21. 02. 2021: Event postponed from 05. – 07. 03. 2021 to 16. – 17. 04. 2021

The first 2021 Business Central technical conference is here. If you are interested in my blog and topics, please vote for my sessions to be available at the conference!

AL Language: Coding for performance

Microsoft brought much new functionality in the last versions to increase the performance of the system; however, the core of all usual performance problems are linked to the way, how extensions are developed. In this session, we will look in detail on the following topics: Table Extensions objects, Partial Records (Loaded Fields), Impact of table extensions on performance and on Programming patterns for performance.

AL Language: Enums & Interfaces

In this session, we will look at how to use enums and interface properly. Enums are full replacement of the Options data type and together with Interfaces can create a powerful, extensible environment.

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