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Complex Projects

ALRM (AL ID Range Manager), originally from Coding4BC Hackathon

The solution that helps every Business Central developer manage object IDs and enforce rules in object names. The solution is built from two extension – one for the Business Central (that allows defining ranges, extensions etc.) and another one for VS Code that allows every developer to gain unused IDs without leaving his workplace. To see details and download links, see links to GitHub below.

SWEM (SW Project E-Master)

The solution that helps with managing software project hours. The solution adds new functionality to list projects, manage consumed hours, auto invoice them using own build API solution (for example to integrate to your helpdesk). The extension is still in development and has not been released yet.

  • Business Central Extension
    • Business Central Extension is currently available only through GitHub repository and has to be installed manually using app package.

Short Examples & Guides

AL Language